Team UpStreme

Team UpStreme

Tom Costello, CEO, UpStreme Inc.

Thomas Costello, CEO, UpStreme Inc.

Mr. Thomas Costello is the CEO of UpStreme, Inc. a Business & Technology Management consultancy located in the Philadelphia metro area specializing in Enterprise Strategies and Software Logistics. With over 30 years of IT experiences, he has lived through a wide array of business/IT challenges and solutions. He is the co-author of CIO Wisdom II (Prentice-Hall) and has published numerous articles on technology implementation. He is an active member of various boards and advisory groups for private sector firms, public sector agencies, non-profits, and educational institutions. For more information, feel free to check out his complete bio (PDF to your right) Costello Bio UpStreme 2015

Dr. Phil Laplante, UpStreme Inc.

Dr. Phil Laplante is a Principal Strategist with UpStreme. He is also a Professor of Software and Systems Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University. He received his B.S., M.Eng., and Ph.D. from Stevens Institute of Technology and an MBA from the University of Colorado. He is a Fellow of the IEEE and SPIE and has won international awards for his teaching, research and service. Since 2010 he has led the effort to develop a national licensing exam for software engineers.

He has worked in avionics, CAD, and software testing systems and he has published more than 30 books and 250 scholarly papers. He is a licensed professional engineer in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania . He is also a frequent technology advisor to senior executives, investors, entrepreneurs and attorneys and actively serves on corporate technology advisory boards.

His research interests are in software testing, requirements engineering and software quality and management. Prior to his appointment at Penn State he was a software development professional, technology executive, college president and entrepreneur

Richard Parkin – Principal Consultant

Richard Parkin is an accomplished consultant with experience in analysis, development, database, project and team leadership within the insurance, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, construction, hospitality, and engineering industries.

Rich has numerous highly successful experiences working directly with client stakeholders to refine project scope, gather complex business requirements, design, build, fix and validate appropriate software and data solutions.

He has very broad experience with a variety of software & hardware products, cultures, environments and development methodologies (Waterfall, Agile).

Mary Conway-Vaughan is a versatile project manager, administrator, and writer/editor with experience shepherding complex tasks from idea to implementation. She has a broad history in a variety of environments, including non-profits, publication, and higher-education. With projects ranging from logistics to software development, Mary brings a strong “benefits realization” view to project delivery.
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John Gavin, Senior Developer, UpStreme Inc.

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Bryan Costello, Business Analyst, UpStreme Inc.

Francis X. Taney – Legal

 Francis X. Taney Legal counsel on topics ranging from software and Intellectual Property law, operations, and open source.

Mary Ellen Panousis – Strategy, Marketing, Analytics

 Mary Ellen Panousis – Strategy, Marketing, Analytics

Don Shump – Strategy, Non-Profits, Executive Coaching

 Don Shump – Strategy, Non-Profits, Executive Coaching

Lawrence Miller

 Lawrence Miller – Behavioral Strategist, Lean Operations

Author of numerous books on Leadership and Management, including one of our favorites: “Barbarians to Bureaucrats”.  Check out Larry’s full Wikipedia dosier.

Ellen Weber – Strategy, VC, Executive Coaching

 Ellen Weber – Strategy, VC world, Entrepreneurship, Executive Coaching
Dr. Phil Laplante
Mary Ellen Panousis
Francis X. Taney, Jr.
Francis X. Taney, Jr.