UpStreme has been fortunate to have been involved in a wide variety of projects in clients large and small, local and international, easy and challenging. While working on your key project, we will work with you to identify and address underlying systemic issues that affect ALL of your projects.

Through it all we have consistently delivered above-and-beyond... and have been able to distill all of these experiences into a continuous learning program that we share with each of our customers.

Below you'll find our best attempt to group related materials to get your attention. But there is no substitute for a face-to-face where we can discuss your needs - and either explain how we can help or point you to another trusted firm(s) that can help you achieve your goals.

UpStreme Differentiators - as told by our clients

UpStreme is Faster, Better, Cheaper

One of our clients said it best: "Repeatedly delivers custom services & solutions - faster, cheaper, better, easier than the big consulting companies with all the same tools, bells, and whistles as well as his own proprietary tools".

Made us perform an Honest Self-Assessment

UpStreme will make you look in the mirror and honestly assess what you see - then help you become the best at what you need to do/be.

Teaches through Anecdotes

UpStreme will deliver lots of interesting (sometimes strange) phrases, stories, illustrations, and anecdotes. Strong analogies and metaphors to get the point across and not forgotten.

Acts as Sherpa

Rather than "coaching" in an abstract way, UpStreme shares their wide-array of experiences, including the similarities, differences, outcomes, and applicability to my situation... and give me more options and confidence in our decisions and actions.

Produces Tailored Documents

Superb documentation - not boilerplate - and more importantly, useful and actionable.

Exhibits True Professionalism

Excellent presentation - of self and work, for self and others. Strong business, IT, leadership, and behavior - team-wide.

Who / How

UpStreme will engage via T&M contracts (1-to-5 days as specified by clients with variable rates depending upon number of days contracted), retainer, and fixed-price for projects where constraints, delegation of authority, and RACI are clearly defined.
UpStreme has performed work for a wide-variety of firm types; private sector, public sector & non-profits... established Fortune 100 companies all the way down to pre-funded startups... local firms, firms with international operations... privately held and publicly traded firms... venture capital firms, angels, and private-equity.
UpStreme has engaged financial services (Credit Unions, Community Banks, Banking, etc.), retail, manufacturing, government agencies (city and Federal), healthcare, pharmaceutical, entertainment, hospitality, aerospace, and more.
Though clients typically engage UpStreme for a given service, UpStreme brings our full suite of services to bear on solving our clients challenges... check out the ratios!