Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQs below are for prospects and existing clients (yes, sometimes we get calls from executives from other sites/BUs of existing customers.)  These are based on questions we typically receive in sales inquiries, project delivery, and post-action sunset reviews.  If you don’t find what you’re looking for below, feel free to drop us a note and we’ll get in touch promptly.


"Invisible Man" Consulting is where UpStreme comes to work with a firm or a specific executive where very few people within the company are aware of our presence. On those projects, we've worked with CFOs, COOs, CEOs, Board Members, and Investors who wanted us to quietly solve a problem, project, or issue. In some cases, it is where an executive has a "blind spot" in their experience or confidence... and want assistance and/or an education to get through a task or project... but don't want other executives or their own staff to know. In all of the cases where UpStreme has delivered "Invisible Man" consulting, we were able to achieve our sponsor's goals and depart with our clients in a better, more self-sustainable stance. While we don't get public credit - we do get quiet referrals.
At UpStreme, we offer a variety of contract flavors, depending upon the client criteria/constraints and our role in the ultimate solution. We do offer traditional T&M (time and materials), with the given consultants rates varying depending upon the client utilization needs (1 day/week will not be billed at the same rate as 5 days/week). We will offer (and often prefer) day rates rather than hourly tracking/billing. We also offer project pricing when the roles of our team members and deliverables are clearly defined (thru a clear RACI, for instance). In efforts where we control a sufficient portion of the actions and there is predictability and risk mitigation paths are clear, we do also offer fixed-price contracts. UpStreme executive consulting is often delivered through a retainer based contract on a day-rate structure.
While many consulting firms make a lot of money by making a "love connection" between client needs and resumes on the Internet, that is not how UpStreme works. We have a small cadre of trusted employees, contractors, and subject matter experts (SMEs) with specific industry skills or expertise. When we do have to find new talent, we first rely on personal connections of our existing team, and rarely go to the web. Every new UpStreme team member goes through a comprehensive onboarding process to ensure they understand "The UpStreme Way" and will live to our standards.