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% of our Engagements that Use These Critical Services/Capabilities

Portfolio / Program / Project Management
Strategic Planning & Capabilities
Change & Risk Management
Domain Model & Business Process Mapping
Culture, Organization, & Governance
Business Continuity Planning (BCP) & Succession
Interim CxO / Clone
Independent Project Verification
Project Rescues
Team Development
Vendor Managment
Acquisition, Due Diligence, and Merger Integration

How UpStreme Got It’s Name

The story is about an Indian tribe whose village is next to a stream.  The village is periodically flooded out or completely washed away when the river unpredictably rises. So, the chief of the tribe asks each of his braves to go out and find a site for a new village.

One brave, though, decides to go upstream to discover why the river floods. He continues until he finds a huge waterfall. When he climbs to the top of the falls, he finds a vast, smooth lake. On the far side of the lake, there is a steep incline with boulders at the bottom, smaller stones in the middle, and small pebbles at the very top.

When a pebble begins to roll down the hill, it strikes the bigger stones, which then begin to fall down the hill. They, in turn, strike the boulders that crash into the lake. The resulting ripples cascade across the lake and cause a huge rush of water to pour over the falls… and flood out the valley.

So the brave swept away the pebbles!

We are here to help you learn from others, find the right source, and show you options to solving your problems.  Our expertise is in ‘root cause analysis’ and ‘visualizing forward’ to build a plan for success through incremental steps.  This is core to our philosophy & services… and is the key to our repeated success for our clients.